Skinny Genie is a lifestyle company, with a commitment to create a healthy and fresh portfolio of well-thought handmade bakery items for people who simply want to take a bite towards embracing a wholesome lifestyle.
In a Region dominated by Middle Eastern sweets, French bakeries, American style cupcakes, brownies and cookies which concentrate on sugar, flour, butter or cream, it is not easy for those who want a freshly baked and healthy alternative to feel fulfilled.
We focus our energy and passion to ensure that our products are baked fresh everyday in a 100% gluten-free environment, using organic ingredients whenever possible, reducing or replacing fat with homemade fruit compote, lowering sodium levels in our recipes, eliminating preservatives and selecting the freshest ingredients available.
We do not use white sugar or toxic chemical sweeteners, instead for most of our products, we use natural alternatives such as Agave syrup - a syrup from a Mexican cactus which has very low Glycemic Index (GI), or occasionally unrefined or unprocessed brown sugar...
Ahlan wa Sahlan
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) ranks 10th highest country in the world by percentage of adults being diabetic (
The UAE further ranks the 5th highest country globally by percentage of adults being obese (
Agave syrup has a Glycemic Index (GI) of 15 as opposed to white sugar that goes up to 65. Any natural sweetener below 50 is considered as low GI.
Gluten-free diets aren't just for people with wheat or celiac allergies, eating wheat, even whole wheat can actually do more harm than good in general. It is estimated that up to 50 percent of the population may be intolerant to the high-gluten content in wheat being produced today. That is why it must be listed as one of the top 10 allergens.
The reason is that we don't completely digest all of the wheat, leaving the undigested portions to ferment. Wheat is also pro-inflammatory which means it's easily converted to sugar, causing a rise in insulin levels and cellular inflammation. Wheat can be found in so many foods that we do not expect to find it in.
Because wheat is found in so many foods, most people discover their intolerance to gluten when they go gluten-free and their overall health improves.
Many top athletes are shifting to gluten-free diet as they find it improves their stamina and energy levels.
By adopting a gluten-free diet, you will automatically:
• Improve your cholesterol levels
• Promote your digestive health
• Reduce your fat and sugar intake

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